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Refund policy

All purchases are final and non-refundable unless otherwise provided by law or by a particular products and/or service offer or nature. In case of any error, technical snag or problem of any short, due consideration will be give to take up the corrective action on irregularities arisen due to a certain nature beyond control though no refunds will be given for any charges more than a week older. We reserve the right to issue refunds or credits at the sole discretion. If a refund or credit is issued, there is no obligation to issue the same or similar refund later. This refund policy does not affect any statutory rights that may apply. This way it will help to have a clean, honest and customer focused system.

Based on the nature of products and services, there is no provision of refunds of any short. We, however, are committed to serve our customers better and understand the difficulties faced based on the real situations. We, therefore, will act on any compensation requests based merits or on the nature of loss in our control. These requests should be emailed thru Contact Us or thru to us with the supporting arguments, documents and/or photos and the refund will be process within 5-7 days.

The products and services prices may change any time without notice and you have to take a judgement while making your purchases. If you do not agree to the price change, you must cancel and stop using the products and services before the price change takes effect.

If there is any charge associated with a portion of the products and/or Services, you should agree to pay that charge. The price stated for the products or services normally include all taxes and shipment unless & otherwise stated and you are solely responsible for paying such taxes or other charges as per the local law of land. We may suspend or cancel the services if we do not receive on time full payment from you. Suspension or cancellation of the products and/or Services for non-payment could result in a loss of access to and use of your account and its content.

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