• A Match of Passion…

    Our love story is something which started with passion that happened in a unique fashion and then got converted into a life relation which will always be remembered. We are indebted to MySonea.com the matrimonial portal for what all opportunities provided in search of a real good life partner. We pray and thank God for giving us all such a lovely life and lovely Sonea.

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  • Love Story with emotions…

    Our love story started with emotions and that was really very fascinating which would always remain as well as go in our life story. We always thank and say that it was what God has orchestrated in such a fashion which added to our emotions for ever.

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  • Match Making Story…

    It all started with MySonea.com where we found each other. This initiated the communication from one side then from the other side. We have had lots of things to share and then lots of things to ask as well as to understand how the life is going to go about and then what would be the challenges ahead.

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  • Rub Banai Jodi…

    Our love story is something which started with blessings from family, friends and well wishers.The interaction started and then took shapes and turns that ended with a life with aspirations and hopes spreading happiness all around. The marriage ceremony was in such a fashion that brought happiness in families and around.

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  • God Blessed Match…

    Marriages are made in heaven and with blessings of all so is this match blessed by God too. The match of Dear Shrishti is one such blessed match by relatives and almighty God. The story started with interaction, introduction and the MySonea.com which gave us all we wanted to understand each other. This all stated as a fancy story and concluded in function of dream.

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  • Match by Hearts…

    Marriages are made in heaven that came true when Vikant and Aradhna tied their knot to become soulmates for the life. Vikrant lives in Canada and Aradhna in Dehradun India. Both met at MySonea.com with parents’ blessings and started interaction. Both reached an understanding and finally took both sides blessings. The marriage ceremony was held in Indian traditions and fun fair in India which was a great occasion for the family.

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