Featured Marriage Stories | My Sonea मेरे सोनिया

Shrishti & Handsome

God Blessed Match

Marriages are made in heaven and with the blessings of all so is this match blessed by God too.
Neha and Prashant

Rub Banai Jodi

Neha and Prashant is a perfect match blessed by all Relatives, Friends and God. 
Vikrant and Aradhna

Match by Hearts

Vikant from Canada and Ruby from Dehradun India tied their knot thru MySonea.com.
Manjeet and Manpreet

My Perfect Match

Manjeet and Manpreet a unique couple come as a perfect match so amagingly...
Hardeep Singh and Gurmeet Kaur

That Distance Love

Hardeep and Gurmeet making two continent meet reducing the distant to love joint...
Honey and Sandy

How a Love bird flies?

A marriage is a love affair i.e. that is where an affair turns into love
Sanjeev and Reena

Science of Match Making

Lovely story with memories for life...
Banty and Beena

More than a Friend

We met on MySonea.com in search of our own Sonea for each other then really found one for each other.
धनी व बीता

The Perfect Couple

भगवान बनायी जोडी एक दूसरे के लिए जैसे परियो की कहानी ऊपर वाले का आशीर्वाद के साथ!!